The Marine Compass



Nothing fancy, no extra functions,
complications or applications. Just a marine
compass with bearing, which is all you need, really.

How to…

Point the black arrow on the upper side of your
screen against a target and read the bearing.

Select magnetic or true depending on whether
you wish to read magnetic north or true north.

If you are moving you will get your COG
(course over ground), and SOG (speed
over ground). If not moving, both COG and SOG
will read zero.

As the only additional function you can always
read your position in latitude/longitude.

Keep in mind that your smartphone sometimes
needs to calibrate. Adopt the habit to always
start by moving your device in circles.
To make sure that you are getting the correct data, always check with another compass,
mechanical or other device. Due to limitations
of smartphones you should never make
important decisions based upon the
smartphone compass only.

We hope you will enjoy The Marine Compass
and find it useful.


We always found it very user-friendly to have a
handheld compass when all you want to do is read the bearing. Thus, we decided to create an app since our phones are glued to our hands anyway! So we did.
Nothing more exciting or groundbreaking than that.

Take care out there and always navigate safe!

The Marine Compass team